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Non-Immigrant Visas

Non-immigrant visas are issued to those who intend to enter the U.S. for a temporary stay and who intend to depart the U.S. at the end of their stay.

U.S. law establishes separate classifications of non-immigrant visas for tourism, business, temporary employment, study, transit, investment, training, and other purposes.

A - Diplomatic Personnel and their Families (A-1/A-2/A-3)

B - Temporary Visitors for Business/Pleasure (B-1/B-2)

B-1 "Business" Visa includes visas to the U.S. to attend conventions, conferences, consultations and other legitimate activities of a commercial or professional nature. This may include taking steps to establish a branch office of a foreign company or to set up an investment in the United States

B-2 "Tourist" Visa includes visits to the U.S. for pleasure involving recreation, tourism, amusement, visits with friends or relatives, rest, medical treatment, and social networking

C - Visitors in Transit

D - Crew Members 

E-1 & E-2 Treaty Trader & Treaty Investor

E-1 "Treaty Traders" are persons engaging in substantial trade between the U.S. and their home country

E-2 "Treaty Investors" are persons coming to the U.S. to develop and direct enterprises in the U.S. in which they are investing a substantial amount of capital

L - Intracompany Transferees

Available for employees who have been employed by a multinational company abroad that seeks to open new business operations in the United States or transfer the employee to an existing business that is related to the company abroad

L-1A for Managers/Executives

L-1B for Employees with Specialized Company Knowledge

L-1 regulations also recognize a visa may be issued for opening a "new office"

H - Temporary Workers who fill an immediate and temporary need for labor

H-1B Specialist/Professional

H-1B1 for non-immigrant professionals from Chile & Singapore

H-1C for Registered Nurses

H-2A for Temporary Agricultural Workers

H-2B for Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers

H-3 Trainees

H-4 for spouses and children of persons in the other H classes

O - Persons with "Extraordinary Ability" in the fields of Science, Art, Education, Business, or Athletics

P - Internationally Recognized Athletes, Artists, or Members of Recognized Entertainment Groups

Q - Participants in International Cultural Exchange Programs

F - Academic Students

J - Exchange Visitors

G - International Organization Representatives

K - Fiancé(e)s and Spouses of U.S. Citizens

M - Vocational or Non-Academic students seeking to enter the U.S. temporarily to pursue a full course of study at an established or recognized vocational or other non-academic institution

R - Religious Workers

Other categories of visas are available depending upon individual/corporate needs